The SEO Framework


The SEO Framework


The main element complete SEO module that follows the white-cap rules and rules forced by WordPress and web search tools.

Begin utilizing demonstrated strategies to improve your site for SEO. Straightforward, devoted, extensible, unhindered, promotion free, and no hidden obligations.

To finish it off, this is the quickest full-highlighted SEO module, and it mixes directly into your WordPress site, without leaving you out of the loop.

It’s anything but difficult to begin. Actuate this module, and your site’s as of now secured against conspicuous SEO assaults. The SEO Framework will likewise prefill all basic meta labels for you. A constant saver. Quick.

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  • It is brilliant.
    The SEO Framework is a expert system for SEO. It is the main arrangement that can astutely create basic SEO meta labels in any language by perusing your WordPress condition. This robotization spares you a lot of time that could be utilized to compose increasingly substance or spotlight on different undertakings. It likewise expels the requirement for cutting edge SEO knowledge.

  • It comes preconfigured.
    With The SEO Framework, we give a great beginning stage to your site by reasonably advancing every one of your pages. Normally, you can likewise change it anyway you like. In case you’re not a SEO master, realize what you may wish to streamline in our Setup guide

  • It causes you enhance your metadata.
    We made the main SEO module that follows Google’s website admin rules exactly. It took long periods of research and tweaking to interpret this well inside your WordPress interface. At long last, you can unreservedly enhance your pages without stressing over making basic mistakes.

  • It makes an excellent overview.
    On your post diagram pages, you’ll discover shading coded rules. They recommend you how to improve your pages as you float over them with your mouse. For instance, when your titles are unbranded or when WordPress squares ordering. Naturally, contact and console route is additionally supported.

  • It rules out errors.
    We center around the nature of highlights you need over the amount on highlights you don’t. This characteristic makes this module one of a kind, quicker, increasingly precise, almost sans bug, and progressively feasible. The additional advantage is that your site is probably not going to get punished via web indexes. We won’t guide you into composing unnatural substance or permit you to deceive search engines.

  • It stays authentic and pure.
    We manufactured The SEO Framework for little to huge partnerships and endeavors. The interface is totally open and flawlessly coordinates inside your dashboard. In this way, interfacing with this module feels common. It may feel dull, however your WordPress dashboard shouldn’t be an announcement for our marking. We won’t ever change this.

  • It improves search presence.
    The SEO Framework positions your site particularly by empowering breadcrumbs for Google Search, and via consequently creating titles and portrayals as per Google’s rules. It likewise informs Google, Bing, and all associated search arranges naturally of your site’s progressions with its implicit sitemap.

  • It makes social sharing easy.
    The SEO Framework naturally underpins and permits you to additionally tailor the Open Graph, Facebook, and Twitter Cards conventions. It enables your presents on stand apart when they’re shared on different informal organizations, including Pinterest, Discord, and Whatsapp.

  • It feels more than accessible.
    We handpicked our shading plan so individuals with any therapeutically perceived shading vision inadequacy can recognize the rules set via web crawlers. We additionally executed full console route and screen-peruser support.

  • It shields you from mistakes.
    The SEO Framework steers you from committing critical and regular SEO errors. It practically rules out you to wreck on the grounds that the module as of now does everything SEO for you. For instance, it consequently forestalls copied content errors by authorizing severe accepted rules.

  • It follows best-rehearses and beyond.
    The most concerning issues with WordPress modules are security and similarity. As low maintenance security specialists, we center around making this module impervious. The SEO Framework likewise utilizes WordPress’ API at whatever point conceivable, making this module coordinate flawlessly with each other module composed with that in mind.


In a couple of words: The SEO Framework permits web indexes to do what they’ve been accomplishing for as long as 20 years.

At the point when you enact The SEO Framework on any site, you naturally award rights to content aggregators, among which are Google, Bing, and Yandex, to get and utilize data from the site, including composed work, pictures, sound, and video. You can control these rights by means of the robots-meta settings brought by this module. Your privileges and the viability of these settings are dependent upon the locale and language of your site, and the physical or virtual root of the stage and their potential clients through which your site’s data is gotten and shared. It is dependent upon the aggregator to respect your privileges and the solicitations brought by means of The SEO Framework.

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