Best Analytics WordPress Plugins


As a matter of fact, every webmaster needs to know where they are going with their website. Without having any proper knowledge about the visitor count, you cannot make your marketing decisions. This information is critical for a website since your internet marketing tactics and strategies depend on precise visitor data of your website. That’s why we chose the best ones for you. Check out the best plugins we’ve compiled for you to improve or continue to develop your site.

1. Full Ionic 5 Mobile App for WordPress - Admob, Analytics, Rewards ads, Cloudflare - Hala News Pro

Analytics WordPress Plugin

Hala News is the mobile application WordPress website, with extremely interesting functions. And you don’t need programming skills, because we did everything. So just follow the simple instructions to create beautiful app for your website quickly.

2. phpAnalytics - Web Analytics Platform

Analytics WordPress Plugin

phpAnalytics is a privacy focused, web analytics software solution. It provides detailed web traffic reports, such as Realtime, Overview, Acquisitions, Behavior, Geographic, Technology, Events, and more.

3. Analytics wordpress plugin - Visit Analytics

Analytics WordPress Plugin

Summary statistics for the day, week, month, year and any date range. Detailed statistics on device types, operating systems, browsers, countries. The average hourly number of online users. Number button for online visitors (realtime). Daily email reports on site traffic.

4. Active Analytics

Analytics WordPress Plugin

Active Analytics is a WordPress-tailored analytics plugin, privacy-enhanced, lightweight solution for tracking what really matters: real time activity, most visited pages, the best referrers and day-to-day/month-to-month users/pageviews statistics.

5. Actionable Google Analytics for WooCommerce

Analytics WordPress Plugin

Actionable Google Analytics for WooCommerce is a plugin that integrates your WooCommerce store with Google Analytics in just 5 minutes. NO CODING REQUIRED. Actionable Google Analytics enables 9 enhanced eCommerce reports in your google analytics account along with the GA tracking of the audience, behavior, and acquisition reports.

6. Google Analytics – Multisite

Analytics WordPress Plugin

You have difficulty in managing too many accounts on google analytics website statistics. Google Analytics Multi Website help you solve this Website problem, help you get the better nên overview for a website to help you through the chart promptly To improve and develop own strategies a better way channel.

7. MinervaKB Knowledge Base for WordPress with Analytics

Analytics WordPress Plugin

Ajax intuitive Live Search with multiple themes. Analytics dashboard, with views, likes and dislikes weekly / monthly graph. Search analytics – see what users searched for and which results they received. Shortcode builder. WooCommerce Integration. Elementor widgets. And more…

8. UTM Code Generator for Google Analytics Tracking URL WordPress Plugin

Analytics WordPress Plugin

In order to make the visitors tracking easy, Google analytics created the UTM tracker, for this reason you should take a look on the UTM Code Generator plugin for WordPress, It helps you to build UTM links to track your visitors/campaigns easy.

9. Bindlex Analytics Visitors - Millions of visits for Google Analytics

Analytics WordPress Plugin

Bindlex Analytics Visitors is a product designed to generate demo visits on Google Analytics. It allows you to send millions of visits in less than a few minutes, without the need to use proxies or VPNs to receive visits from any country you need.

10. Academy LMS Course Analytics Addon

Analytics WordPress Plugin

Course Analytics addon for Academy Lms  provides a visual representation of student’s progress for a certain course and a graphical report of month wise enrolment. This addon will help Admin and Instructor to monitor students progress and improve the course content for future.

11. Event Booking Pro: Analytics & Checkin Addon

Analytics WordPress Plugin

An Addon that adds the following features; QR Codes in email templates. Checkin page made for mobile. Analytics system.

12. Easy Google Analytics

Analytics WordPress Plugin

Google Analytics is trending amongst the analytics tools available to analyze website traffic used by the store owners. It is services that track and report website traffic.This module enables Google Analytics for your entire site.

13. SiteSpy - The Most Complete Visitor Analytics & SEO Tools

Analytics WordPress Plugin

The Most Complete Visitor Analytics & SEO package including visitor analytics (unique visitor, page view, bounce rate, average stay time, average visit, traffic analysis, top refferer, new & returning visitor, content overview, country & browser report, os & device report etc.) , web analytics (alexa data, whois data, social media data, moz check, search engine index, google page rank, IP analysis, malware check )

14. Easy Analytics Tracking

Analytics WordPress Plugin

Easy Analytics Tracking is a WordPress Plugin to help you connect you website page with mainstream marketing tools and to kickstart your digital marketing strategies with just one click.

15.Shortener - Short Links Application with Analytics

Analytics WordPress Plugin

Shrink long links and get full analytics of who clicked on your link with Shortener you can see how many clicks on your link also you can see the visitors os, brwosers, and referers links. With Shortener you can offer your site visitors short link service and allow them to see their links analytics by simply drag the plugin shortcode in any page.

16. Google Analytics Traffic - Organic Suite

Analytics WordPress Plugin

Google Analytics Traffic – Organic Suite is a platform where you can send hits/sessions to your website visible through Google Analytics without tools like VPN or Hitleap trash traffic and wthout any risk of crash your servers or affect to your ad revenue account.

17. Site Visitor Statistics for WordPress

Analytics WordPress plugin

mySTAT has unique features for statistics, analytics, SEO optimization and that is why anyone who has their own website should have it. In fact, mySTAT is a comprehensive set of tools necessary for collecting and classifying data from all areas.

18. TrackAlyzer - Analytics & Custom Tracking Code for WooCommerce

Analytics WordPress Plugin

TrackAlyzer is a WordPress plugin for Woocommerce enables you to add quickly Google Analytics /Google Analytics Enhanced EcommerceFacebookAdwords and your own custom code without editing your template and without writing complex codes.

19. Google Analytics Traffic - Social & Referral Suite

Analytics WordPress Plugin

Google Analytics Traffic – Social & Referral Suite is a platform where you can send hits/sessions to your website visible through Google Analytics without tools like VPN or Hitleap trash traffic and wthout any risk of crash your servers or affect to your ad revenue account.

20. Google Analytics WP Plugin for Specific Pages

Analytics WordPress Plugin

This plugin will allows users to easily add Google analytics tracking code for custom post & page. It is benefit for tracking per page or post as well support custom post.

21. Candy FAQ - Smart WordPress FAQ with Analytics and Instant Search

Analytics WordPress Plugin

Instant live filter. Analytics dashboard, with views, likes and dislikes weekly / monthly graph. Like / Dislike voting available. Allow customers to submit feedback for answers. Easy reordering using drag n drop. Design presets available for quick start.

22. Myenvo - Envato Analytics & Notification Dashboard Script

Analytics WordPress Plugin

My Envo | Envato Analytics & Notification Dashboard is a powerful standalone script which helps envato authors to analyse and receive live email notifications about their sales and payouts. This script will show live analytical data to the users. Script is fully automated. By using the script user’s will be able to understand and keep records of the each sales, transactions, earnings and other relevant information.

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