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How to Increase Your Blog Traffic – The Easy Way

You can have a WordPress blog site and easily manage your blog according to its purpose. Opening a wordpress blog site, which is phase one, is quite simple while attracting visitors to your blog, which is the second stage, is quite difficult.
WordPress Tutorials

How to Create a Contact Form in WordPress

Adding a contact form to your WordPress site is not as difficult as you might think. All sites need a contact form because When you have a contact form, your visitors can easily get information about you and your products by sending you a message.
Coronavirus PSD Template
Coronavirus PSD Templates

Best Coronavirus PSD Template

The epidemic that influenced the world continues to spread rapidly. You can create awareness with Coronavirus PSD templates. You can make and use many health sector themes with Coronavirus PSD templates.
WordPress Tutorials

How to Fix Pluggable.php File Errors in WordPress

You don’t worry if you get the pluggable.php error on your WordPress site. You probably got this error because you either added a snippet of code to your site or you installed a new plugin.
Seo optimization
WordPress Tutorials

What Is Seo Optimization How Is It Done

You may often have heard the word Seo in recent years. Seo optimization is one of the things that internet users around the world wonder about. SEO means for Search Engine Optimization.
Why Is WordPress Security Important
WordPress Tutorials

Why WordPress Security Is Important

Security is a very important issue for both WordPress site owners or users. For many marketing sites or any business site in particular, vulnerabilities are like a nightmare, if we may say so. If users’ information is stolen or their passwords are seized by any hacker because of the vulnerabilities within their website, it will tarnish the image of the site owners. In an even worse scenario, you may have to hire an expert to get your website back, in case you lose controll of access to your website .
Creative Portfolio - Themes

Simple Responsive Creative Portfolio WordPress Themes

With its impressive saturating typography and unique lines, The Forester WordPress Portfolio theme can save you a lot. With the hundreds of new features added to the WPBakery Page Builder, it will be much easier and faster to create the pages you like. The Forester Best Rated WordPress Multipurpose Creative Theme may be the design you are looking for, you can now look at the demo.
wordpress site health check
WordPress - WordPress Settings - WordPress Speed

12 Tips to Get a 100% in WordPress Site Health Check Score (Easy)

WordPress introduced a site health check feature in version 5.1 which was further improved in WordPress 5.2 to include a site health check score.This feature helps website owners keep an eye on the performance and security issues that may affect their site.
WordPress Settings - WordPress Speed

Ready To Use W3 Total Cache Configuration File – WordPress Cache

Cache means that any modifications you’ve done on your website remain temporarily on your computer’s memory. In this way, when you re-enter a page that you have already entered before, that page will be loading much faster and easier. When you open a new page that you’ve never entered before on the Internet, as you …