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How to Fix White Text and Missing Buttons in the WordPress Visual Editor

Consider the following scenario: You log into your WordPress dashboard to create a new blog post. A problem arises when you open the Classic Editor. Neither formatting buttons nor text are visible and all text is white.

How to Fix the Sidebar Below Content Error in WordPress 2022

Trying to fix sidebar under content error in WordPress? This issue occurs with WordPress templates that use a two-column layout and a sidebar for the content. Due to a minor change in the code, the sidebar starts appearing below the content rather than next to it.
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How to Fix WordPress Posts Returning 404 Error

Despite being the world’s most popular content management system, you will occasionally encounter errors when using WordPress – one such issue is WordPress posts returning 404 errors. Fortunately, resolving the 404 error in WordPress can be simple.
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How to Fix “Error Establishing a Database Connection” in WordPress

Are you seeing ‘Error establishing database connection’ on your WordPress website? It is a fatal error that makes your WordPress website inaccessible to users.
How to Fix the Syntax Error in WordPress
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How to Fix the Syntax Error in WordPress

There are many WordPress tutorials that require you to add code snippets to your website. Unfortunately, one small mistake can cause the entire site to break down, which is very scary, especially for new users. If you’re trying something new on your WordPress site and you get the “Syntax error, unexpected…” error, don’t panic.
How To Resolve WordPress Not Sending Emails Issue 2022
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How To Resolve WordPress Not Sending Emails Issue 2022

In this article, we will show you how to fix WordPress not sending email issue so that your website can send email more reliably and bypass the spam folder.
500 Internal Server Error
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How to Fix 500 Internal Server Error in WordPress (Possible Tips)

Getting 500 internal server errors where your website should be is enough to panic anyone. When your website crashes, you lose potential traffic and sales. If it goes offline for a while, it can also negatively impact your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts.
50 Most Common WordPress Errors and Causes
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50 Most Common WordPress Errors and Causes

While WordPress is really easy to use, there are some common WordPress errors that can make you panic. The good thing is that the WordPress error you are seeing on your site is most likely been reported and resolved by someone before you.
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How to Reset All User Passwords in WordPress

It is recommended that a passwords should be resetted when  a website is being attacked. If you have too many users, this process may take a while. So, In this article, we will explain how to reset all users’ passwords quickly.
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The Most Outstanding Transportation WordPress Themes

Are you a transportation company? Looking for a corporate WordPress site? Our article on Transportation WordPress Themes will offer you the site you are looking for. Come check it out now.