Why WordPress Themes Should Be Updated

Michael Oldborn

Why WordPress Themes Should Be Updated ?

As the technology is developing in our world, the need for website increases as well. Especially in 2020, the use of websites has increased even more than ever due to the covid19 epidemic that influence the entire world. Many website users prefer WordPress-based themes and use them according to their needs.

WordPress-based themes offer users many important features to its users and tens of WordPress-based themes are encoded and are being sold every day. The sale is especially offered through ThemeForest, which has a good reputation in the world and holds a large part of this market. Developers are coding new functional WordPress themes every day, while continuing to add new features to existing ones. There are surely some certain reasons why WordPres-based themes are so popular. Those reasons can be listed as safety, speed, stylish design and many more features.

A new update may be released for the WordPress theme that you’ve purchased earlier because developers are integrating something new and making improvements every day.

Why You Should Update Your Theme?

  1.  Security
  2.  Speed
  3.  New options
  4.  To fix bugs
  5.  To make sure for compatibility

We suggest you to update your theme for the five important reasons. Lets explain each reason in details.

1- Security

WordPress Themes

There can be malicious people who want to find vulnerabilities in WordPress, which turns into an open source system along with Java Script.This is why WordPress and WordPress based themes are being updated to get rid of these vulnerabilities.

2- Speed

Why WordPress Themes Should Be Updated

This is one of the other common reason. Having a speed website cause your visitor to spend more time on your website. On the other hand, A website that does not load faster can cause visitors to stay aways from your website and then never come. For this reason, a released updates may includes new features to speed up your website.


3- New Options

WordPress Themes

Other than existing standards, a new code framework or a new feature can be added by the developer depending on the requests of the users of a WordPress based theme.

4- Fixing a Bug

WordPress Themes

Even though developers are very professional, they may sometimes also make errors in the code. In such case, developers release an update to fix such theme related issues.


5- Compatibility

WordPress Themes

Some of WordPess based themes may not work correctly when WordPress upgrades itself to a higher version. So, you need to make sure your website is up to date to make sure it’s running well.

In this article, we shortly tried to explain why you should keep your websites updated and we explained the reasons in details.

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Why is WordPress Security Important

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