Make Your Site Fast With Wp-Optimize

Michael Oldborn

Make Your Site Fast With Wp-Optimize

WP-Optimize is a progressive, across the board module that cleans your database, packs your pictures and reserves your site.

Our store include is worked the world over quickest reserving motor. This straightforward, well known and exceptionally compelling instrument has all that you have to keep your site quick and altogether upgraded!

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It does it in three clever ways:

  • It allows you to clean and optimise your database.
  • It gives you the option to compress your images.
  • It allows you cache your pages, for super fast load times (read more caching information below).

Broad tests show the reserve highlight alone can make WordPress destinations quicker than some other storing module accessible. In any case, when you join the store with the database and picture improve highlights, the distinction with elective arrangements is critical.


Your WordPress database stores everything that you requirement for your site – in addition to numerous things that you don’t. WP-Optimize gets out the entirety of this superfluous information, tidies up your tables and even recovers space lost to information discontinuity.

Mobile-friendly and incredibly simple to use, it:

  • Removes every single superfluous datum (for example destroyed/unapproved/spam remarks, stale information) in addition to pingbacks, trackbacks and terminated transient options
  • Compacts/de-part MySQL tables with a catch press
  • Detailed control of which enhancements you wish to convey out
  • Carries out programmed week after week (or something else) clean-ups
  • Retains a set number of weeks’ information during clean-ups
  • Performs enhancements without the requirement for running manual queries
  • Automatically trigger a pre-streamline reinforcement through UpdraftPlus
  • Show database insights and potential savings

Why is this important?

  • The tables in MySQL (the database that WordPress utilizes) will, after some time, become wasteful as information is included, expelled, moved around. Asking MySQL to improve its tables from time to time will keep your site running as quick as could be allowed. It won’t occur by itself.
  • Every-time you spare another post or pages, WordPress makes a modification of that post or page. In the event that you alter a post multiple times you may have 5 duplicate of that post as updates. This rapidly includes loads of once in a while utilized information to your database tables, making them superfluously enlarged, and more slow to access.
  • There may be a huge number of spam and un-endorsed remarks in your remarks table, WP-Optimize can clean and expel those in a solitary click.
  • WP-Optimize reports which database tables have overhead and squandered spaces additionally it permits you to recoil and dispose of those squandered spaces.
  • Automatically cleans your database consistently and regards the “Keep last [selected number] weeks information” option.


  • Make space: When you alter a post or page on your site, WordPress naturally spares the new correction to the database. On the off chance that you alter things a couple of times (and especially if the post is long), your database before long gets stopped up with old amendments that simply stay there, occupying significant room. WP-Optimize evacuates these pointless post amendments, opening up important Megabytes of information and speeding up and proficiency. It likewise tidies up your remarks table, evacuating all the spam and un-affirmed remarks that have developed with a solitary click.

  • Take control: WP-Optimize provides details regarding precisely which of your database tables have overhead and squandered space, giving you the knowledge, control and capacity to keep your site perfect, quick and efficient.

  • Keep it clean and fast: Once empowered, WP-Optimize can run a programmed tidy up on a calendar, keeping a chose number of weeks’ information, as per your specification.

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