WordPress Easy User Switching with Plugin

Michael Oldborn

WordPress Easy User Switching with Plugin


This module permits you to rapidly swap between client accounts in WordPress at the snap of a catch. You’ll be right away logged out and signed in as your ideal client. This is convenient for test conditions where you normally log out and in the middle of various records, or for directors who need to switch between different records

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  • Switch client: Instantly change to any client account from the Users screen.
  • Switch back: Instantly switch back to your beginning account.
  • Switch off: Log out of your record yet hold the capacity to right away switch back in again.
  • It’s totally secure (see the Security area below).
  • Compatible with WordPress, WordPress Multisite, WooCommerce, BuddyPress, and bbPress.


  • Only clients with the capacity to alter different clients can switch client accounts. As a matter of course this is just Administrators on single site establishments, and Super Admins on Multisite installations.
  • Passwords are not (and can’t be) revealed.
  • Uses the treat verification framework in WordPress when recalling the account(s) you’ve changed from and when exchanging back.
  • Implements the nonce security framework in WordPress, which means just the individuals who expect to switch clients can switch.
  • Full support for client session approval where appropriate.
  • Full support for organization over SSL (if applicable).


  • Visit the Users menu in WordPress and you’ll see a Switch To connect in the rundown of activity joins for every client.
  • Snap this and you will promptly switch into that client account.
  • You can switch back to your starting record through the Switch back connection on every dashboard screen or in your profile menu in the WordPress toolbar.


Client Switching utilizes program treats so as to permit clients to change to another record. Its treats work utilizing a similar component as the confirmation treats in WordPress center, along these lines their qualities contain the client’s user_login field in plain content which ought to be treated as possibly by and by recognizable data. The names of the treats are:

  • wordpress_user_sw_{COOKIEHASH}
  • wordpress_user_sw_secure_{COOKIEHASH}
  • wordpress_user_sw_olduser_{COOKIEHASH}


Client Switching doesn’t send information to any outsider, nor does it incorporate any outsider assets, nor will it ever do as such.


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