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Why is Your Website Slow and How to Speed It Up
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How To Make A Scrolling Menu

One-page menu type ( scrolling menu ) has always been populer in WordPress, as it fits many business modals. From people who want to sell something online to the corporate firms use one-page themes mostly. One of the most important features of the one-page theme is to able to scrolling between menu items on the homepage and this is why the onepage menu is chosen by the majority.
Why Is Your Website Slow And How To Speed Up
WordPress Speed - WordPress Tutorials

Why Is Your Website Slow And How To Speed Up

The world, whose development is unstoppable, and the people who are the architects of this development, are keeping up with the technology age a little bit more every day and the developing world has undoubtedly made a lot of progress in the virtual world as well. People are using the internet more than ever, continuing to spend more time on their websites. Through the virtual world, which has become a huge market place, people are engaged in many different subjects such as sales, communication, interaction, education through the use of their websites.