Newest Antispam WordPress Plugin-Carber Security-Malware Scan

Michael Oldborn

Newest Antispam WordPress Plugin-Carber Security-Malware Scan

Protects WordPress against programmer assaults, spam, trojans and malware. Mitigates savage power assaults by constraining the quantity of login endeavors through the login structure, XML-RPC/REST API demands or utilizing auth treats.

Tracks client and terrible on-screen characters movement with adaptable email, portable and work area warnings. Stops spam by utilizing a specific Cerber’s enemy of spam motor and Google reCAPTCHA to secure enrollment, contact and remarks structures. Progressed malware scanner, respectability checker and record screen. Solidifying WordPress with a lot of adaptable security controls and advanced security calculations. Limits access with Black and White IP Access Lists.

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Features you will love

  • Limit login endeavors when signing in by IP address or whole subnet.
  • Monitors logins made by login structures, XML-RPC demands or auth cookies.
  • Cerber against spam motor for ensuring contact and enlistment forms.
  • Automatically identifies and moves spam remarks to waste or denies them completely.
  • Logs clients, bots, programmer and different suspicious activities.
  • Security scanner checks the respectability of WordPress records, modules and themes.
  • Monitors record changes and new documents with email warnings and reports.
  • Advanced clients’ sessions manager
  • Protects wp-login.php, wp-signup.php and wp-register.php from attacks.
  • Hides wp-administrator (dashboard) if a guest isn’t logged in.
  • Immediately obstructs an interloper IP when endeavoring to sign in with non-existent or restricted username.
  • Restrict client enlistment or login with a username coordinating REGEX patterns.
  • Block access to WordPress REST API completely.
  • Block access to XML-RPC (square access to XML-RPC including Pingbacks and Trackbacks).
  • Disable channels (square access to the RSS, Atom and RDF feeds).
  • Restrict access to XML-RPC, REST API and feeds by White IP Access list by an IP address or an IP range.
  • Disable programmed redirection to the covered up login page.
  • Stop client enumeration (squares access to creator pages and forestalls client information spills through REST API).
  • Proactively blocks IP subnet class C.
  • Anti-spam: reCAPTCHA to ensure WordPress login, register and remark forms.


As a matter of course, WordPress permits boundless login endeavors through the login structure, XML-RPC or by sending uncommon treats. This permits passwords to be broken without breaking a sweat through beast power assault.

WP Cerber squares gatecrashers by IP or subnet from making further endeavors after a predetermined breaking point on retries is come to, making animal power assaults or appropriated savage power assaults from botnets inconceivable.

You will have the option to make a Black IP Access List or White IP Access List to square or permit logins from a specific IP address, IP address run or a subnet any class (A,B,C).


The scanner checks if all WordPress organizers and documents coordinate what exist in the authority WordPress center vault, contrasts your modules and topics and what are in the authority WordPress storehouse and alarms you to any changes. Likewise with examining free modules and topics, the scanner checks and confirms business modules and subjects that are introduced physically.

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