How to Manage Password in Best Way For WordPress?

Michael Oldborn

You might have many websites and multiple usernames and passwords. In this case, you may get bored when managing your passwords. One of our users asked us “what is the easiest and best way to manage passwords?” So, we’re going to mention about why password management is necessary and what you need to do to manage it in this article.

Why You Should Use Password Manager?

First off, you should note that users use easy-to-remember passwords to login. This is absolutely not something safe. We are seeing that recent attacks on major websites have caused some major damage. Users should use strong passwords and take precautions to avoid such severe damage.

You may have trouble remembering when there are multiple platforms that require passwords, such as email accounts, web hosting, social accounts, WordPress admin area. That’s exactly why you need a password manager.

Password manager stores all your available passwords and allows you to manage them with a single main password. In addition, when you create a new account, it also allows you to create a strong password and store it in the cloud.

You can easily use your password manager app on all devices. You can also easily import passwords that you store in your browser.

The Best Three App We Recommend

1. LastPass

WordPress Password Protection

LastPass comes at the beginning of the applications we recommend. You can use the app for free but you can also use the premium version for $12 per year.

This app can be used on Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry devices. In short, no matter which device you use, you can easily manage all your passwords with LastPass.

The app uses a master password so that you can manage all of your passwords,  making it the key for all of your online accounts.

You should also know that LastPass provides multi-factor authentication with Toocher, Duo Security, Transakt, Yubi Key and, of course, Google Authenticator. This means that if someone somehow unlocked your password, they will run into another firewall.

Let’s say you have to give your password to your assistant, to your colleage or to your developer for any reason. LastPass manage this process succesfuly. The person who, you’re about to share your password to, needs to install LastPass in their browser to use the password you shared.

The app’s password sharing function is quite excellent because no one see your password in any way and so they can’t change your password to at all. They simply log in and perform their duties.

2. 1Password

1Password WordPress Plugin

1Password, which is another important and popular application can be also used for mobile devices.It is wort to note that there is no free version of this app. It just provides users the free use for 30 days.

It’s the most expensive app on the list because you need to purchase a license for each device you will use.

The only thing that we can say is missing for this app is the lack of multi-factor or biometric authentication because multi-factor authentication is one of the most common questions users ask before purchasing. As a result of requests of users, we can say that this feature may exist in future versions by the author.

Like all other password management applications, 1password provides great convenience when creating new accounts. It helps you create and fill in password fields. In addition, it automatically fills out forms for you.


3. Dashlane

Password Manager

Dashlane, one of the last and best apps on our list, is available on all platforms, including desktop and mobile devices. Although it is completely free, some features are only available to premium members. The Premium membership price is $ 29.99.

Dashlane allows you to create passwords that are strong and difficult to decrypt when you fill out online forms. it stores your passwords and automatically fills them in for you. It also allows you to share your passwords with other users.

Author's advice

You should know that we recommend LastPass because it’s the easiest, most reliable and more affordable for password management. Haveing good safety features are another important reason in our recommendation. It can be used for all devices without any problem.

We tried to explain how passwords can be managed more efficiently in this article. You can leave your questions and opinions about the article by commenting under this post.