How to Basicly Approve Users with Plugin on WordPress?

Michael Oldborn

How to Basicly Approve Users with Plugin on WordPress?


This plugin lets you approve or reject user registrations. While a user is unapproved, they can’t access the WordPress Admin.

On activation of the plugin, all existing users will automatically be flagged Approved. The site admin will never experience restricted access and does not need approval. This plugin is probably not compatible with WooCommerce.

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I will gladly refresh the module with new regions, when I get them! Right now accessible in:

  • Dutch
  • Deutsch
  • English
  • Hebrew
  • Persian
  • Russian




wpau_approve (int)

User-ID of approved user.

wpau_unapprove (int)

User-ID of unapproved user.


wpau_default_options (array)

Default options.

wpau_update_message_handler (string)

Allows to return custom update messages.

wpau_message_placeholders (array)

Filters the placeholders in approve/unapprove emails.