How to Set Up Shop Page

1. Default Shop Page

Once you activate WooCommerce plugin for the first time, you are invited to set up your shop using the WooCommerce setup wizard. It is pretty intuitive and allows you to get your shop running in no time. Nothing can describe getting started with WooCommerce better than its original documentation. Here are the links to help you get started:

However, if you want to get started manually, or skipped the setup wizard, then you need to get a set of shop pages, here is what you need to do:

  • From the dashboard go to WooCommerce SettingsProducts;
  • Select your shop page as your product page, where you display your product items;
  • Save the changes.

After selecting your shop page, then navigate to WooCommerce → Settings→ Advanced in order to set your cart, checkout and my acoount pages. Otherwise, you’re going to be redirected to homepage when you click on the cart button on your shop page.

Now, your default shop page is ready. You can see the default pages hero options from Appearance > Theme Options > Shop Page, where you can all the options to adjust your shop hero as needed.

2. Build Your Custom Shop Page

If you prefer to use your custom shop page rather than using the default shop page, you can easly build your own shop page either Elementor or WPBakery Page Builder. What you simply need to do is create a new page with a page layout you want. Then, use a WooCommerce product widget to display your product items. It’s completely up to you to design your blog page with the page builder you’re using.

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