Setting Up Header

1. Default Site Header

The first one is the Default Site Header that you see from the live demo and this type of header appears by default. This is the standart, which also include the header contact info.  Thanks to the typograph options integrated in header, you can easly adjust your header menu colors, font size, font weight etc depending on your page design. Whatever elements you see in the header from the demo can be set under the Appearance Theme Options > Header / Default Site Header. If you like to disable the default site header from al of your pages, you can easly disable it under the same tab in theme options. However, if you like to disable the default header from some pages only, you can easly disable it from the page settings.

2. Elementor / WPBakery Templates

The second header type is Elementor / WPBakery Page Builder Templates, which makes you able to build your own custom header using Elementor or WPBakery Page Builder plugins. This header type has no any kind of limit. It’s completely up to you to create your own header depending on your page design. Besides, no Elementor pro is required at all.

What you need to do is quite simple. You may build a new page with the theme elementor layout ( for example: Wavo Elementor page layout ). After setting up your header as you wish, save it as template and select the saved template in Theme Options > Header.

On the other hand, you may also wonder if you can use any of the header from any other pages on your homepage. The answer is yes. Lets say, you liked the header that is used on X page and you want to bring that header on your homepage.  What you need to do is edit X page with Elementor. Go over the header section and save it as template. Finally,  navigate to Theme Options > Header to select this new header to be your general header. You may also watch this video to see how to set up header.

Play Video

3. Header Navigation

In some of our themes such as Techland or Seorun, we’ve built a shortcode named ” Header Navigation ” and using this shortcode, you can display header on pages you want. You may have a closer look at the screenshot below, from our Techland theme as referance.

Please keep in mind that Header Navigation is for the pages, NOT for the single pages such as single blog post or single portfolio page etc. To edit the header for those single pages, you need to go to Appearance > Theme Options > Header. The hader options in Theme Options are for single / inner pages.

4. Page Metabox Header

As we used on our ProlandCryptoland and Crypterium WordPress theme, you can see the all header elements including menu and logo in the page meta box area. The metabox header options appear as long as you use the Unlimited Template layout. To access to the metabox header options, please go to the bottom of your page in the backend editor.


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