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Cache means that any modifications you’ve done on your website remain temporarily on your computer’s memory. In this way, when you re-enter a page that you have already entered before, that page will be loading much faster and easier.

When you open a new page that you’ve never entered before on the Internet, as you will notice that the page will be loading slowly. However, when you try to open the pages of the websites you’ve always entered, you’ll see them load significantly faster. So, the question of “ What is Cache ” can be explained in this way. All browsers, such as Chrome, Mozilla, Explorer use cache.

Cache stores the HTML pages of the web page that you are uploading as well as the images and documents in it. Thus, when this page is re-visited, less bandwidth is used and less requests are sent to the server. This improves the experiencethe of the users. Considering how important speed is in the use of the Internet, the necessity of cache processing can be better understood.

Why Cache Important?

If you want your own website to take advantage of these processes, you should also create a cache. The important thing here is that the cache is optimized with your website in the most accurate way. For example, if your website consists of PHP code, its cache must be compatible with PHP code as well.

Cache memory is actually working with a strategy that predicts the next action we’re going to do, considering the action we’ve made in the past. The way the cache works is now much more effective than it was because the cache could not be found in the processor in the past and therefore it was slowing down the data rate by contacting the motherboard.

This problem has currently significantly disappeared. The cache was first attempted to be positioned close to the kernel and finally the burial was successfully completed.

What Benefits Does Cache Give You?

When the cache keeps the information of the site you’ve entered before, you’ll see that it opens more quickly each time you log in to this site. This works same for the applications you use on your computer. For example, if you wait a long time when you open Excel for the first time, you will see that it is installed much quickly the second time you open it and this is due to the fact that your computer keeps the information in its cache. The cache is vital for quick and easy operations.

As time goes by, the amount of information that the cache stores is increased. This causes excessive cache space and causes your computer to slow down. It is therefore necessary to periodically clear out the caches.

If you use the W3 Total Cache plugin with its good settings, your visitors will start using a website that is 80% faster and this will improve the quality of your website.

The Pages That Loading Fast With W3 Total Cache Configuration

Cache is one of the key issues for a fast website and there are a few more important things as well. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if further assistance is required. You can download the W3 Total Cache configuration file which we created as a result of long research by clicking here for free. You can post your comments and your thank messages below.