What Should We Look For When Purchasing a WordPress Theme?


This is actually a relative issue because there are so many details that you sometimes may have trouble with making a decision. The most important issue I have seen during our own business and coding experience is customer support behind a product. Especially after purchasing a product among thousands of paid WordPress templates, good customer support can become even more important than design.

Because of the Envato’s harsh rules, authors who spend a lot of time in small details can’t find enough time for the customer support, except for those authors who working as team. So, the most important thing to consider when buying products on Envato is that if the author works as a team. All themes have to go through the same rules after all, but if you can’t get over even a simplest problem after purchasing the product, you may need a good customer service for a quick help.

When you look at the technical details of aproduct, if the used coding technique in a theme is similar to the technique you have been using for many years, then it’ll help you to finish your website much faster. One another point that might help you is that you should review a product, at least, about the types of WordPress Page Builder plugin used, before purchasing the product.

Almost all of our themes are being built with the use of WPBakery Visual Composer page builder. We’re adding an average of over 300 new options to the insufficient features of Visual Composer. Each theme contains over 50 shortcodes. They have enough features to build pages that you dream of or see on any other websites. Responsive concept is very important for you to get a balanced look on all screens, thanks to Bootstrap, which should be considered as an essential feature of modern templates and this especially helps you with the mobile design problems.