How To Fix White Screen Of Death Error

Michael Oldborn

What Is White Screen Of Death Error?

The ” white screen of death ” error, one of the most common errors in WordPress, is  very frustrating. The reason why we define it in that way is because it does not display any php error codes. Another reason why it is frustrating is that sometimes it occurs only in one part of your site. For example, it sometimes might occurs only in one post.

So, in this article we will provide information about the get rid of ” white screen of dead ” error by proposing different solutions.

Important!: Please make sure to back up your site before making any changes to your site just in case.

What Are The Possible Reasons Of The White Screen Of Death Error In WordPress?

1. Exceeding The Default PHP Memory Limit

If you’ve encountered a white screen anywhere on your site, like in the visual 1, it probably means that you’re exceeding the memory limit of your server.

Visual 1
How To Fix White Screen Of Death Error

2. Hosting Related Problems

If you get the same error on your other WordPress sites installed on a single hosting account, it is probably a temporary problem related to your hosting. So in this case, it’s a good ideo to get in tocuh with your hosting company about this issue.

If you run into this problem only on one of your website or only part of your website, you can check the following possible solutions to this problem.

What Is The Possible " White Screen Of Death " Solutions?

1 Fixing This Error with WordPress Recovery Mode

If a plugin or theme causes this error, wordpress can detect it. When the error is detected, you can see the message on the screen says ” the site is experiencing technical problems ” and then this message will be sent to your mail account. This email will show the plugin that cause this error on your site and will provide a related link. This link will allow you to access WordPress Recovery Mode and make it easier to disable the buggy plugin.

2. Increasing The PHP Memory Limit

We can say that the most common reason for getting this error is exceeding the php memory limit in WordPress. So, you need to increase your server php memory limit.

3. Disabling Your Plugins

This problem can be caused by any of your plugins that you’ve installed. So, you might disable your plugins one by one until to find the buggy one.

Visual 2
How To Fix White Screen Of Death Error

4. Switching To One of The Default WordPres Themes

As you might already know that WordPress has some default themes. You may sticth your currently actived theme to any of the WordPress default themes in order to see whether it’s an error related to your theme or not. If you do not encounter such an error when using a default WordPress, then it might be a spacing issue in your function.php file. So, you need to check if there is any unnecessary space in that file.

5. Enabling Debug Mode

You can easily see what kind of errors appear on your site by turning on debug mode. In order to turning on debug, you need to access to your wp-config.php file using a FTP Clients and then make sure it’s enabled as shown below.

define( ‘WP_DEBUG’, true);

6. Clearing Out Caches

Cache memory may sometimes cause this problem. Therefore, you should always to make sure you’ve cleared out your browser and page’s caches. You may read our other article to see the best plugins, which are used to clear the cache.

Why is WordPress Security Important

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