How to Create a Child Theme in WordPress

Michael Oldborn

What Is Child Theme?

what is child theme

WordPress users know that wordpress is doing many important updates in the term of improvements. Developer of this WordPress surely do their best to make it easier for their customers. However, we sometimes may not like the changes that appear on our site with the update.

If you have made changes to your theme’s original files, you may lose them in case you update your parent theme. To get rid of this problem, To avoid this problem, you should definitely build and use a child theme.

Child theme is used to modify a WordPress theme without actually making any changes on the parent theme’s files. Lets say you want to customize the header.php file of the thehe you’re using. If you make this customization on the parent theme file, you’ll lose it when you update your theme in the future. That is why, you should build a child theme and include the file that you want to customize into your child theme, so that you won’t lose any of the customizations you’ll make on your header.php even if you update your theme in the future.

Why Is The Child Theme Necessary?

Creating a child theme doesn’t just provide the convenience of updating. It also ensures that your original files are protected without ever being changed. Child theme saves you from making the same changes one by one after each update. Otherwise, the changes you make will go after each update and you will have to work to restore them. So, thanks to child theme, you’ll save your time and effort.

If you have problems with your theme customizations that you’ve added with Child theme, you will have the opportunity to return to the original theme.

How To Create A Child Theme in WordPress?

You should have some code knowledge to create a child theme from scratch because it is useful to know in which file you want to make the customization and include that file into your child theme. You can build a child theme either manually or by using a plugin. So we recommend that you follow the video that you can see below.

How To Build A Child Theme Manually?
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Creating a Child Theme With Plugin

You can use a plugin to build a child theme if you do not want to do it manually as described above. With a plugin you can install it more easily. You may use Child Themefy plugin to build your child theme.

How To Build Child Theme With Child Themify
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Note: If you don’t want to spen time on those ways, we want you to know that there is a Merlin WordPress demo installer on all of our themes. So you can set up your wordpress theme with one click, and you’ll have an automatically built child theme in your WordPress panel

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