1. Intro
  2. Installation
  3. Theme Options Module
  4. Important : Install Vqmod
  5. Homepage Slideshow
  6. Blog Settings
  7. Homepage Carousel Mdoules
  8. Filter Modules
  9. Other Modules
  10. Google Maps
  11. Warnings

Shopfast : Premium Responsive OpenCart Theme


Thank you for purchasing my theme. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to contact with me via email or via my contact form. Thank you so much!
Contact: http://themeforest.net/user/omrfrk


IMPORTANT! : First, please install vqmod

Opencart Full Installation docs : Please click here

1-) Open the folder named "Theme Files" and open the folder which version named with your opencart, Inside "Files to Upload" you will find three folders: admin, catalog and image. Upload those folders to the root directory you have installed OpenCart in.

2-) After successful upload, you should go to your admin panel (http://yourdomain.com/admin) and activate "shopfast" theme by choosing it from themes panel. Remember to choose an image for your logo, to do so, go to System / Settings/ Image/ and select your Store Logo.

3-) Go to system / settings/ image and make sure that you use the values given below:

Install and Set Theme Options

1-) You should see the "NineTheme : Control Panel" module in the admin at Extensions/Modules. Click on install to view the options. See image below and apply the settings .

2-) Once installed, click on the "Edit" button to make your changes. Here is default the theme opitons.

Install and Set VQMOd Options

vQmod works on both OpenCart 1.4.x and 1.5.x How to install using Autoinstaller

1- )Download the latest version that has "opencart" in the title from

Please click here

2-) Using FTP, upload the "vqmod" folder from the zip to the root of your opencart store.

3-) Be sure the vqmod folder and the vqmod/vqcache folders are writable (either 755 or 777). Also be sure index.php and admin/index.php are writable. If not sure which you need, first try 755. If you get errors about permissions, then try 777.

4-) Goto http://www.yoursite.com/vqmod/install

You should get a success message. If not, check permissions above and try again

5-) Load your store homepage and verify it works.

6-) Using FTP, verify that there are new "vq" files in the "vqmod/vqcache" folder.

7- )If yes, then you are ready to start downloading or creating vQmod scripts, otherwise ask for assistance.


Homepage Slideshow

For the home page promo banners you will need to upload your banners first at system/design/banners. See the steps below:

Pav Blog Management

Go here admin - modules and Pav Blog Management module

Back-end Settings:

goto admin > Extensions > Modules

Edit modules : (click Edit button at the right)

Configuration like images:

Back-end Settings:

goto admin > Extensions > Modules

Edit modules : (click Edit button at the right)

Configuration like images:

Filter documentation : Please click here

Other Modules (Featured, Latest, Special etc...)

Back-end Settings:

goto admin > Extensions > Modules

Edit modules : (click Edit button at the right)

Configuration like images:

For other modules, the image sizes "width/height" as image width and height. See image below.

If you want to see a admin demo ( All settings and detail. )

Please click here

Google Maps

for example, envato address on google map cordination is : -37.817186, 144.964986

so now we just set the values:

data-lat="" => data-lat="-37.817186"

data-lng="" => data-lng="144.964986"

Please click here to find coordinates


Special notes for OpenCart Users

If you have done or plan to do a clean install of OpenCart to please ensure the following

is in the config.php and admin/config.php

define('HTTP_IMAGE', 'http://yoursite.com/image/');


define('HTTPS_IMAGE', 'https://yoursite.com/image/');



define('HTTP_SERVER', 'http://yoursite.com/');

define('HTTP_IMAGE', 'http://yoursite.com/image/');


define('HTTPS_SERVER', 'http://yoursite.com/');

define('HTTPS_IMAGE', 'https://yoursite.com/image/');

These two lines have been removed by the latest install for unknown reason and need to be put back to ensure images work correctly across Opencart.

If you do not insert these lines you may get this error.

Notice: Use of undefined constant HTTP_IMAGE - assumed 'HTTP_IMAGE' in /home/folder/public_HTML/order.php on line ***